SURE Technology

TFT developed SURE Technology to support companies in implementing the EU Timber Regulation and their responsible sourcing policies.
Access to information about the timber in your supply chains is critical for implementing your company's policy. SURE Technology is an online, dual ended database that allows buyers to communicate with suppliers about the wood based products in their complex supply chains.
SURE is specifically designed to help you collect the information required as part of your due diligence process. It allows companies to store complex and extensive information that cannot be captured adequately on spreadsheets and traditional means of supply chain management.
SURE assesses the risk of illegal wood, using strict criteria and reflecting the EU Timber Regulation's requirements through a decision matrix. Given the extent and changing nature of companies supply chains, this is a critical tool in prioritising risk and mitigating actions.
SURE allows companies to produce reports and analyse their supply chain and performance against their responsible sourcing policy.

Learn how to use TFT’s SURE Technology

SURE uses a linear process to co-ordinate the various tasks each party is required to undertake. Not all stakeholders are needed at each stage, each playing a different role within SURE.